Wordpress 2.1 and Own the Feed

by Brian Gilham on January 22, 2007

As I’m sure many of you are already aware, the newest version of Wordpress, titled “Ella”, was announced earlier today. It includes some great new features and improvements, along with over 550 bug fixes. I upgraded Ekonoline today and everything is running great.

Well, not everything.

Unfortunately, “Ella” seems to have broken Own the Feed, my popular Dashboard feed replacement plugin. It loads just fine initially, but is replaced by the normal feed once the page finishes loading. I’m already hard at work for a fix, but my knowledge of this new version is limited, so there are no guarantees to how fast it will happen, or even if it will happen at all. The original version was kind of hacky, so it might require a complete re-write.

My apologies to anyone who may be using the plugin — there have been roughly 600 downloads to date — and is experiencing these difficulties. I’ll keep all of you updated on my progress here on the site and I hope to have a fix ready soon.