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A New Beginning

Well, here we go again.

I’ve wiped out everything from the last couple of days (I was unhappy with those posts anyway) and begun work on Ekonoline anew. This time around, I’ve left the design of the site up to someone else and plan to focus solely on the content of the site. Once I have a good selection of content — enough that I won’t just go ahead and delete it all — I will then, and only then, begin to think about designing a new layout myself. Until that time comes, expect Ekonoline to stay the way it is.

If anything, my website tends to reflect my personality: crazy, spontaneous, and generally all over the place. It is a constant struggle to continue writing (which, believe it or not, is my true love) and ignore the ever-present urge to re-design the whole damn thing. Taking a look at my statistics, it’s good to see some of you are still along for the crazy ride.


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  1. This is just a test. You can safely ignore it.

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